Soren Lindstrom

soren_194x163Soren arrived in Kenya at the age of eight years old from Denmark, and was raised on a coffee farm and schooled in Nakuru and Nairobi. His was not a traditional upbringing – he has spent more time in the bush than out of it.

Soren started hunting at 10 years old and later qualified as a professional hunter. He worked as a professional Guide and Hunter in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Sudan until 1977, before moving to Botswana and joining Ker Downey & Selby Safaris.

In 1989 Soren started his own safari company in Botswana, guiding photographic and fishing Safari’s in Botswana, Namibia, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Uganda.

soren_safari_500x226Soren has a reputation as one of Africa’s old time great-white-hunters but his expertise goes far beyond hunting, shooting and fishing. He is a committed birder and, having spent so many years walking through the bush, his knowledge of Africa’s plants and fragile ecology is seemingly endless.

For the past 48 years he has guided groups from all corners of the globe. Several articles and books have been written about Soren over the years including publications in the New York times, English Times and the Australian times.

Soren has the straight-talking approach, the bush skills, and the infectious passion of a safari old timer. He is a fantastic raconteur and his stories will bring Africa to life for you.

One thought on “Soren Lindstrom”

  1. Soren was my guide for thirty days in the summer of 1968, and another thirty days in 1969. I was 15 and 16, and I think Soren was about 34.
    I saw the very last of the ” Old Africa “, something not many people know about today. Before the meanness , Amin , all the horrors. You could go anywhere with no fear whatsoever. All these years later, I still think of East Africa every single day. Africa does get into your blood , as everyone has heard, and it does stay in your heart. I grew to love Soren, he seemed like a second father to me. I have not lost that feeling. I have not seen Soren since September of 1970; he was on a trip to the States, and he came to York, South Carolina to my Father’s home-to see me !!
    We will never, never see another Soren Lindstrom !!!!
    John K. Benfield, III

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